Andalusite Industrial Mill Price

Andalusite is a rock-forming mineral that is mined for use in high-temperature refractories. Gem-quality specimens are cut into faceted gems and cabochons.

Andalusite forms during the regional metamorphism of shale. It is found in schist and gneiss at some present and ancient convergent plate boundaries where the rocks have been exposed to the temperatures and pressures needed for its formation. In these rocks, andalusite is often associated with kyanite and sillimanite.

Andalusite also forms during the contact metamorphism of argillaceous rocks. In this situation, it can form within the metamorphosed rock or in veins and cavities within the igneous rock. It can be associated with cordierite in hornfels, granite, and granitic pegmatite.

The rare transparent variety of Andalusite is used as a minor gemstone. Chiastolite cross-sections are often cut and polished to bring out the distinctive cross-shaped pattern, and Chiastolite crystals may also be cut along their cross-section and used in jewelry as a Christian symbol.

Andalusite Industrial Mill Price can be used to grind barite, calcite, kalium, steatite, marble, glass, feldspar, etc. Raymond grinder (Raymond mill) is widely used in the metallurgy, building, chemical industry, and mining field..

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