Cyanide Mineral Grinding Machine Price

Cyanide is a naturally occurring chemical that is found in low concentrations throughout nature including in fruits, nuts, plants, and insects. It has been used by the mining industry to separate gold and silver particles from ore for over 120 years. With proper management, cyanide can be used safely and without harming the environment despite its toxicity.
Cyanide is the general term for chemicals which contain a cyano group (triple-bonded carbon and nitrogen with the chemical formula CN) that occur naturally or are human-made in various forms. Low concentrations of cyanide are present in the everyday environment including as a stabilizer in table salt, in over 1000 plants including cassava and bamboo shoots, and in the pits of stone fruits like plums and apricots. In fact, the greatest source of cyanide exposure for people and free-ranging animals comes from eating food plants and crops that contain cyanide.
Cyanide is also a useful industrial chemical; over one million tonnes of it are used annually in electroplating, metal processing, the production of organic chemicals and plastics, and in photographic applications. The mining industry has used cyanide to process ore for more than 120 years, and uses less than 20% of the global production of industrial cyanide.

Cyanide Mineral Grinding Machine Price has been widely used in making fine powder or micro powder, which is applicable to non-flammable and non-explosive materials with hardness less than 6, such as the calcite, chalk, limestone, dolomite, kaolin, bentonite, talcum, talc, diatomite, barite, gypsum, alum earth, graphite, fluorite, etc.

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